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AWCF Asian Women in Co-operative Development Forum

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Philippine co-ops join national summit on gender and development PDF Print E-mail


Themed "Inspiring Change for Women and Men in Co-ops," the "National Summit on Gender and Development (GAD) in Co-ops" was held March 25-26, 2014, in Subic Bay, Philippines. In attendance were 568 delegates (34% male and 66% female) from 429 Philippine co-op organizations (primaries, unions, federations, co-op banks), local government units, and the organizers Asian Women in Co-operative Development Forum (AWCF) and Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) of the Philippine government, with support from We Effect-Swedish Cooperative Centre.

Philippine co-ops converge in National Summit to discuss gender and development PDF Print E-mail


Download the National Summit brochure/invitation now!

GAD and gender equality make co-op operations and service even more sustainable PDF Print E-mail

Gender and development (GAD) is important to co-operatives’ sustainability. GAD efforts of co-ops enable them to integrate gender equality that leads to even more economic and social growth in the co-ops. With gender equality, co-ops give attention to the needs and contributions of both women and men members. Equal opportunities given to both women and men help strengthen even more the co-ops and communities.


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ICA puts out messages for International Women's Day (2014) PDF Print E-mail

Messages from the ICA

--Four times more women senior managers in co-operative and mutual insurers than in stock sector--

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), the global voice for co-operatives and mutuals, points a spotlight on its mutual insurance sector, where the number of women in leadership positions is as high as 13.6%, this compared to 2.6% in the world’s top 500 companies. Mutuals and co-operatives represent a quarter of the global insurance market (2012 count). The high count of women leaders in mutuals is attributed to the egalitarian nature of the co-operative and mutual model.

Brussels, 7 March 2014 – The International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) report on ‘Women in Leadership Positions’ surveys what women CEOs, Chairs and Presidents in co-operative and mutual insurers say about their role within their organisation.

Unlike other reports, the participants in this study were overwhelmingly candid, sharing in detail their experiences and advice. (Download the report)

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Gender Equality Resource Centers (GERCs) in Philippine co-ops: Strengthening co-ops and families Print E-mail

What is gender equality or GE? In GE, women and men have equal rights, benefits, opportunities for advancement, services, and access to and control over resources; and equal roles to play in development as participants and as leaders.

Click here to download the GERC Brochure (PDF file).

(Note: On November 18, 2013, the Philippine government's Cooperative Development Authority [CDA] issued Memorandum Circular [MC] 2013-22, pertaining to "Guidelines on Mainstreaming Gender and Development [GAD] in Cooperatives." The Circular, as stated in the MC itself, aims at disseminating to the co-op sector the GAD mandate of the government so as to ensure the promotion of GE and the institutionalization of GAD in policies, programs, and other activities in the co-ops.)

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